BRR + Investor Finance 

This is the ultimate combination of the popular BRR package, with the NEW Raising Finance Module.

What's included?

  • Over 36 hours of content
  • 20 eBooks and 6 exams 
  • 8 Guest Speakers
  • 10 Spreadsheets
  • Contracts worth £1000s
  • Lifetime access & updates

BRR Package (value: £2,000)

Every step in the process of finding, refurbishing, funding, refinancing and renting your cash flowing asset. Building your Portfolio and financial freedom one house at a time.

Raising Investor Finance (value £700)

I show you exactly how I've raised £100,000s, every stage of the process is mapped out and explained in detail. Nothing is missed, there is no upsell, only actual value.
Education included

BRR + Investor Finance 

This takes you from the absolute start, to understanding the BRR model to then using 'Other People's Money' to fund your purchases, build your portfolio and generate that 'passive-ish' income.
Working with Tej has been a breath of fresh air because I feel I can relate to him because of down to earth and friendly approach. For me he's an active investor whose knowledge is continually growing and expanding. There isn't any hidden agenda and I can directly correlate any success in property journey so far Tej's e-learning and mentorship programme.
Actor & Property Investor

Still skeptical?

I don't blame you, it's a minefield out there.

If you are unsure, don't know if it's the right time or simply want to ask questions about the platform before investing - then let's talk. 

Use the link below to book in a 15 minute call with me.
I love that your training is recorded so I can replay the parts I want to refresh or understand better, you show the true reality of this strategy not trying to sell the typical "how to get free houses following this strategy and become a millionaire overnight", you go deep into the detail in most of the modules which is great for beginners like myself and you cover all the areas step by step from the very start of creating a company to the end of the process refinancing the property and getting it rented out. 
Overall amazing content and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Marc Feliu
Property Investor
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