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Nothing is as easy as the internet makes it seem. Flipping property is challenging. I'll tell you something though, the rewards are sweet. 

They make it so worth it. One deal could replace your years salary, in half the time. Imagine what a few could do?

Buckle up. Let's learn and get you started. Profit incoming. 
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  • 25 Hours of content
  • 12 Documents
  • 12 Sections
  • 65 Videos
  • 30% off RRP

Highly profitable 

People rush straight to BRR, without realising how slow it is. It's fantastic, don't get me wrong. But, how about generating £25,000+ per flip, in 6 months. How many of these do you need to do for financial freedom?


I provide all documents, videos, experience, spreadsheets, learning and more, for you to make £100,000+ profit from your first 2-3 flips. It's done at your pace, and your access is for life.
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Meet YOUR instructorS


Tej purchased 15 properties in 9 months, 2 hours from home, using very little of his own money.

He raised £598,000 to build his portfolio from £0 to £1,300,000 in such a short time. Whilst he built his Podcast to 550,000 listens globally in 2 years. His two latest flips will generate in excess of £110,000. Yep, 6 figures from 2 deals.

He's made 100s of mistakes, lost £1,000s and suffered from mental health challenges. He's distilled these into learnings, which you can benefit from, without the struggle. 

Take a tour around my latest flip

Take a look at my most recent property, which sold on the first viewing (the full story is inside this module, it's not always plain sailing. £68,785 is the profit pre-tax. How many of these do you want?
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