Want to fund your freedom?

Raising Investor Finance

Many Investors struggle to grow their portfolio, run out of money or don't have any to start. You know the feeling right?

I have a solution for you.

I have raised over £640,000 from Investors, with over £650,000 being agreed already in 2021.

I have built my entire £1.3m portfolio and £4,400 per month cash flow using Other People's Money.

So, scroll down to explore how you could do the same, with my no-secrets, everything-shared learning experience.
Need funding for your deals?
A step-by-step guide to investment

Module Summary

£5,500,000 raised

3 Fantastic guest speakers share their expertise raising finance and building portfolios

6 Guides, 3 Contracts

No secrets, no upsell. Everything is shared, including my own templates

Raise £100,000s

I've done it, and I show you how. So why can't you?

Build your Investor Pack

Examples of my actual packs and a guide to create yours

22 Ways 

That you can find Investors that nobody else talks about

550 minutes of content

We cover the structure, security and more
The Step by step guide (10+ hours of learning)

What will you learn?

Course reviews

Tej's eLearning BRR and Raising Investor Finance Course's are both comprehensive and easy to listen to. From start to finish the depth of information, knowledge, and his real-life experience with no holding back, he just gives the real truth of how things work and what should or should not be done in a clear easy to follow structure. All the advice, resources, and lessons learned are so so valuable.

The split modules enabled me to study, implement and move on. I love the fact I can go back and recap whenever I like, this has given me the ability to do it at home while working and being on mum duties.

He has helped me to really utilize my time and enable me to step by step get the foundations of my business up and running. Without feeling really overwhelmed Tej's courses have given me the best start of my property journey. I feel confident, ready, and armed with enough knowledge and information to take action and build my property portfolio.
Property Investor
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