MY offer to YOU

Buy, Refurbish, Refinance & Rent

All 5 full courses packaged into one big masterclass. I cover every aspect of this strategy in great detail. Ready to learn Property and change your life, today?

What's included?

  •  The entire BRR process
  •  In-depth Deal Analysis
  •  15 eBooks
  • 5 Guest speakers
  •  5 Graded Assessments 
  • 31+ hours of learning

26% discount (£530 saved!)

This is a genuine discount. You can see the individual prices for the units on the previous page. I doubt you will find this much value in any other course. Once you invest in it, it's yours forever to re-watch and enjoy the updates I will be adding. Invest in yourself. Tej didn't, and he lost £1,000s because of it.


If you are new or have a bit of experience, this guides you through every single element, process and procedure in the BRR strategy. A real detailed approach, with no BS and the complexity broken down into simple, easy to understand modules and lessons. You will save £10,000s and make even more.

What my learners say

Being a listener of the podcast and having read Tej's book, I wondered what knowledge the e-learning course would cover that hasn't been shared already. Turns out the answer is lots!

The course is insightful and comprehensive, delivered with an honesty and frankness that can be lacking in the prope
rty industry. I'd invested in property before doing Tej's course and although I knew I had made many mistakes, I lacked the understanding of how to avoid them again in the future - the eLearning has really helped to identify what I need to do in the future.

The money that I'll save far outweighs the investment in the eLearning!

Property Investor
After going through Tej's BRR package relentlessly drilling it in I've had my first ever offer accepted on my first ever viewing! (Very lucky I know)

I asked the questions Tej taught me and knew that I could offer low. Every single thing you need to know is in the BRR package. Tej even helps you set your goals and foundations which is essential. I've calculated the numbers off this deal and I should make £30,000 profit worst case scenario.

This £1,100 course is a bargain and has got to be one of the best investment I will ever make!
New Property Investor

What will you learn?

Foundations, Mindset & Goal Setting

Deal Analysis & Calculations

Buying Property: Find & Fund it


Rent & Refinance


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Investor Finance

Got deals but no money? Got some money perhaps, but not enough to build your portfolio and financial freedom? In this module I go through every single step to make you a master finance raiser. I've done it, so can you. 

Click below to see the BRR + Raising Finance Ultimate Package.
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