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Buy, Refurbish, Refinance & Rent

All 5 full courses packaged into one big masterclass. I cover every aspect of this strategy in great detail. Ready to learn Property and change your life?

What's included?

  •  The entire process
  •  In-depth Deal Analysis
  •  15 eBooks
  • Guest speakers
  •  5 Graded Assessments 
  •  Flexible payment options

38% discount (£475 saved)

This is a genuine discount. You can see the individual prices for the units on the previous page. I doubt you will find this much value in any other course. Once you invest in it, it's yours forever to re-watch and enjoy the updates I will be adding.

Comfort, Repetition and Interactivity 

We learn and remember better with multiple repetitions. We engage deeper when we are able to take part in the lessons. Comfort is obvious, who likes to learn in bad environment. 
Courses included

Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent

This will ensure you build your mindset, find deals that others won't, refurbish effectively, have the best tenants and recycle your cash quickly. All to build a cash flowing 'passive' portfolio to give you your idea of freedom.

Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent

All 5 individual courses packaged into one big masterclass. We cover every aspect of this strategy in great detail, with screen-share activities, assessments, PDFs, eBooks and videos.
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