Ready for the reality of Property Investing?

People promise you a fake dream. Financial freedom in 1 month. No. Let me crush that right now, it always takes longer than you think.


It's worth it. I have built a £1.6m portfolio, cash-flowing me total financial freedom. I've done flips with over £100,000 profit. So, let me show you how?

What has Tej achieved? 


Properties in 9 months


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Why you should invest in your education

This is aimed at beginners in property, but also those who have a few properties. Perhaps you've been investing a while, but want to scale quickly? Or maybe you've done it the 'old school way'? Or, you simply want to build your brand or raise £100,000's in investor or JV finance? If you're reading this, well done on making the first step forwards in preparing yourself. 

Explore all the course options and see what suits you. Buying 15 properties in 9 months is not easy, I've distilled all my mistakes and lessons into these modules. You know me, I keep it real and there are no secrets here. I share details I have never spoken about before, what are you waiting for?

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What my learners say

I learnt so much more than I thought I would, from how to find my exact investment area, building my mindset and sourcing deals that nobody else has access to.. Plus so much more from Tej's experience, especially managing Builders which can be a very painful time. I'd recommend this to anyone who is serious about Property, and wants to take their learning to the next level.

I like how Tej explains even the most basic aspects and talks through the entire process, of every aspect. Including insights from his own experience, the checklists and guides are so easy to use and put into practise. This platform bridges a very large knowledge gap, and paints a very clear picture and filled me with confidence. I'd recommend to anyone, anyday, this is fantastic.

I'm super pleased that I took this education with Tej. It was intense, but so valuable. I've learnt so much that is going to save me time & money. I feel I have fast-tracked my way through a lot. So many things I would have missed, learn the hard way or wasted money learning, had I not done this. So many tips and tricks! It is a HUGE value for money, there are so many courses out there, but this is a different level.

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Still skeptical?

I don't blame you, it's a minefield out there.

If you are unsure, don't know if it's the right time or simply want to ask questions about the platform before investing - then let's talk. 

Use the link below to book in a 15 minute call with me. You must have reviewed the modules in depth before booking.

Learn how to analyse deals and calculate BMV offers

Frequently asked questions

Will I learn something new?

This of course depends on your experience level, however I'm certain you will. If you've read my book you'll see I've already shared a lot and you may not see the need for these lessons. That's cool - do what works for you, this is why I made it modular. There's a lot of tips and tricks that I've learnt along my accelerated journey. I don't know anyone else who's grown this quickly and I've learnt a huge amount in a short time. Explore the course pages and see if it will benefit you. If you are new, I can almost guarantee you will learn the whole process here.

You say you dislike education - what's this?

Nope. I say I dislike BAD education. Which is so many people out there, a lot are great marketeers, but actual property ability? I'll let you decide who shows every mistake, success and the daily stresses publically. There always has to be a fair exchange, my Podcast (no adverts ever) and IG show and give away an absolute tonne of information for free.

I know, if I paid for good education or a mentor, I'd have saved £1,000s, made £10,000s more and have about 10 less grey hairs. That's a fact. I learnt the hard way - and you can too, nothing wrong with that!

Does this provide everything I need?

Yes. I have chanelled everything I have learnt, the challenges, mistakes and successes from buying 15 properties in 9 months, and raising £648,000 of private finance. All by myself, 150 miles from home. It's been tough, but why go through all of that when you can avoid costly mistakes, save yourself £10,000s of pounds by investing in this eLearning platform?

I'm struggling to raise Investor Finance

I am creating a course on this right now. It will be 3+ hours of video content, 5+ ebooks, multiple PDFs, spreadsheets and case studies. I'm also going to cover FCA Compliance, to ensure you're operating on the right side of the law. In addition, my Social Media course is in progress, that goes hand in hand with Raising Finance.

Benefits of my eLearning Platform

I have designed the most motivating learning paths for you

The extra 10%

There's the basics, then the tricky stuff. What isn't spoken about is how you do these things, how you speak and the words and choices you make. I teach you the psychology behind decisions and actions, and how they will help you excel in property.


I've made numerous mistakes, lost £1000s and been under incredible stress. All my teaching is based off the lessons from these challenges and failures. I buy property, it's what I still do and is my main business. Check my Social Media or Companies House.

No secrets

This is the start and the end. There is no upsell, whatever knowledge I and my amazing guest speakers possess, will be shared with you. I've already given away so much in my book, this is the next level for you. If something is missing, I'll add it within 48 hours.

Learn how to find, negotiate and structure Investor Finance

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